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Ridaex joins the "future affordable E-Commerce : ONDC "

Just like our Televisions, Ridaex also likes to embrace the oncoming future. So what’s the new future that we are chasing? It’s called Open Network for Digital Commerce, or in short, ONDC. To explain it, first we need to understand about E-commerce.

What comes to mind first when we hear E-commerce? It is big companies and platforms like Amazon and Flipkart and not perhaps, ordering directly from Ridaex's store even though it is still counted as E-commerce. For the last decade, these middle-men have dominated our purchases, ranging from small groceries to large appliances. We rarely ever order things directly from the brands now, with third-party apps like Amazon being the go-to for most people. However, the truth being that most of the time ordering directly from the brand can be cheaper than using these apps, even with the discounts applied.

Then why are people still using these and not ordering directly? It is generally due to the lack of awareness of options available and the lack of direct and convenient comparison measures. Amazon helps solve these problems for both customers and brands, but they charge a commission on each product sold, forcing brands to increase their prices, and customers to pay delivery fees.

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Why, How & What ONDC?

To tackle this issue, the Government of India is launching the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC). This concept will allow customers and brands to connect directly, without the involvement of major third-party apps. ONDC will charge a minimal commission of only 2- 4%, and will have its own logistic partners in place to take care of the transportation services. This move will help reduce costs for both Ridaex and its customers.

It will allow us to be directly connected with our customers, and thus understand them and their demands in a better manner, knowing which products they like the most and which not so much. This in turn will allow us to make changes in its products accordingly, making them better suited for our customers, and giving them the best experience possible.

Most of all though, it will help both Ridaex and our customers save cost due to the lack of high commissions and delivery fees that they need to pay right now. It will allow us to provide our customers with the best possible products at even more affordable prices, leading to prices similar to our Flash sale prices all week round.

It will be a gamechanger for the budding startups, giving more visibility to Ridaex, it will provide us with a fair chance to grow and sell our products. It will make more potential consumers aware of all the possible benefits they can get from our Future TVs, features that they didn’t even imagine in a television.

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