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8 Smart Ways To Save Money With Ridaex Future TVs


QLED stands for "Quantum-dot Light Emitting Diode." It is a special display technology used in modern televisions. QLED TVs utilize quantum dots, which are tiny semiconductor nanocrystals that can reflect very pure and vibrant colours when exposed to light. In Ridaex TVs, we are using QLED Panels which is one of the latest panels existing in the market. QLED panels are more durable and long-lasting compared to the other panels so it is considered as a one-time investment in the display for the customers.


The fuse in a plug is one of the safety elements designed to protect the electronic devices however We use a specially designed fuse cord in our Ridaex TVs which prevents your TV from high voltage, Fluctuations, thunderstorms and other natural calamities also makes the TV to run longer without any interruption.

LED Tv With HD Popup Camera

Ridaex TVs are equipped with a segment-first pop-up camera which is used for communication purposes through video calls rather than spending an additional amount in setting up an external setup. Also, this pop-up camera feature makes education easier so that students can log in to online classes and train themselves through the large crystal-clear display.

1200+ Trending Apps Supported From Playstore

Rideax Future TV follows the policy of investing less and accessing more thereby it supports an enormous number of applications such as native mobile applications and official Android TV applications so that the customers do not need to pay extra amounts for applications.

Hardware upgradable

"HARDWARE UPGRADABLE" refers to the ability of the device to have its components or parts replaced or upgraded with newer or more advanced ones. Rideax Future TVS are hardware upgradable by default Rideax TV come with higher specifications with RAM of 4GB DDR4, Internal Storage extends up to 64GB with a Clock Speed of 1.91GHz and a 12nm CPU Process however after some years based on the customer preference it can be easily upgraded to the current trend specifications on that time in our Authorized Ridaex Service Centre.

Fail-proof Split-Board Architecture

In Rideax smart TVs we have introduced a new Fail-proof Split-Board Architecture which simply follows the principle of "Divide and Rule".In simple words in an unusual case if a problem occurred due to some unpredictable reasons we don't need to change the entire motherboard which costs high instead of that we can change the particular part which costs less and definitely will save you hard-earned money.

Education Oriented

Rideax Future TVs are feature rich with various applications and also a pop-up camera so that the student can learn on the TV itself it's not required to buy a laptop or mobile phone for educational purposes.


A stabilizer-free TV refers to a television set that is designed to operate without the need for an external voltage stabilizer. In regions or countries where power fluctuations are common, people often use voltage stabilizers to protect their electronic devices, including TVs, from potential damage caused by voltage variations. Ridaex TVs are stabilizer free and packed with various protective elements resisting high voltage so that there will not be in need for an external stabilizer.

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