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Global CCTV at your fingertips: Stream from anywhere, watch everywhere, on your TV, revolutionizing surveillance!

Have you been scratching your head to remotely stream your business or home CCTV footage from a different part of the city, country right in your Smart TV?

Than you are in the very right place to find something capable that will change your experience instead of using traditional methods that will burn a hole in your pocket. 

Firstly, Lets have a look at the two most commonly used traditional methods and their disadvantages. 

CCTV in Smart LED TV

Method 1 Disadvantages

(Physical Connection Method)

  1. Lengthy HDMI connections
  2. Multiple HDMI repeaters
  3. Too many connections and external power sources
  4. High maintenance costs
  5. High Investment
  6. Easily prone to outages
  7. High electricity consumption
  8. High shifting efforts

CCTV streaming in Smart LED TV

Method 2 Disadvantages

(Partly Wireless Connection Method)

  1. Additional Computer or CPU Requirements
  2. High electricity consumption
  3. Complicated usage and maintenance efforts
  4. High shifting efforts

Future CCTV Streaming

View cctv remotely using future tv

Proposed Method Advantages

(Fully Wireless Method)

  1. Low hardware requirements
  2. Cost-effective solution
  3. Moderate electricity consumption
  4. Easy shifting
  5. Easy compatibility with any Android-based application

Bid farewell to the frustrations of traditional CCTV streaming methods. Going fully wireless solution is a game-changer, eliminating the hassles of lengthy connections, repeaters, and high maintenance costs. 

View CCTV in smart tv

Say hello to a cost-effective, energy-efficient alternative with low hardware requirements. Shifting becomes a breeze, and compatibility with any Android-based application ensures a seamless experience. 

Step into the future of remote CCTV streaming without the financial burden. Your Future TV will bring  the simplicity and innovation this method brings to the table. Elevate your surveillance experience without burning a hole in your pocket.

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