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Steps to download Jio TV app and install in Android TV - 2024

Downloading and installing Jio TV app in Smart TV or Android TV requires basic technical skills and clear observation while following the steps. About 54 steps are involved in the successful installation of Jio TV app in Android TV or Smart TVs. We have successfully tested the application in Ridaex Video Calling TVs


1. Smart TV or Android TV

2. Stable Internet Connection

3. Kodi App installed in TV

4. Jio Mobile number for OTP Verfication

Now, Lets dive into the installation process step by step. 

Step 1: Install KODI App from your relevant app store. 


Step 2: On the top left side there is a settings option, click on settings.


Step 3: The next page will open, click on File Manager.

KODI File manager

Step 4: On the left side of the screen, click on Add Source option.

KODI add source

Step 5: Then a new tab will open on the screen, double click on “None” option.


Step 6: Please type a below link on it.

Kodi link

Step 7: Click on OK

Kodi OK

Step 8: Click on another tab below the screen “Enter the name for this media source”

Kodi tab

Step 9: Type Jio TV

Kodi jio tv

Step 10: Click on OK option.

Kodi OK

Step 11: Again click on OK.

Kodi ok

Step 12: Go back to settings and click on Add-ons.

Kodi add on

Step 13: Click on Install from zip file.

Kodi settings

Step 14: Click on settings.

Kodi settings

Step 15: Click on allow button for Unknown Sources.

Kodi settings

Step 16: Click on yes option.

Kodi settings

Step 17: Come back to settings page and select Add-ons. 

Kodi add ons

Step 18: Click on Install from zip file.

Kodi Settings

Step 19: Now select Jio tv.

Kodi Jio TV

Step 20: In the next tab there is a link, click on that particular link.

Kodi settings

Step 21: On the top of the screen there is a pop up appearing as Add on installed.

Kodi link

Step 22: After this come back to home page.

 Kodi home page

Step 23: On the left side of the screen there is a power button, click on that power button.

Kodi power button

Step 24: Power and Exist option will appear. Click on Exit option.

Kodi settings

Step 25: Again open the Kodi app Click on settings on the top left screen.

Kodi settings

Step 26: Click on Add ons.

Kodi settings

Step 27: Click on Install from repository.

Kodi Jio

Step 28: Click on Tobalan Repository.

Kodi repository

Step 29: Click on Video-ads-on.

Kodi video

Step 30: Click on Jio tv.

Kodi app

Step 31: Click the install option below the screen.


Step 32: Click on OK option.


Step 33 : The pop up will appear click on OK, after that the screen somewhat starts blinking but no need to worry regarding that, after installation it will be ok.

jio Installing

Step 34: Go to home screen On the left side scroll down and click on Add- ons.


Step 35: Click on Jio tv.

Jio tv


Step 36: Go to Add on settings.


Step 37: Click on Setup option.

Jio setup

Step 38: Now click on Setup simple IPTV PVR.


Step 39: The pop up will open as yes or no, click on yes. 


Step 40: The channels get downloaded.

Kodi app

Step 41: Click on Jio TV logo Click on settings.


Step 42: Click on accounts on the left side of the screen.

Jio account

Step 43: Click on Login.

jio login

Step 44: Pop up will open as “select login method” Click on keyboard.

Jio mobile number

Step 45: Click on the option called OTP.


Step 46: Enter your Jio mobile number, and click on done.

mobile number

Step 47: Now enter the OTP received on your registered Jio number. And click on done.


Step 48: Now you can see the pop up as login successful .


Step 49: Choose your language.


Step 50: Now Jio tv is ready to use, and enjoy your favourite channels.  In this Ridaex Video Calling TVs  we are Jio Join app testing for educational purpose, We will keep you posted about the updates. 

 Your own channel

Warning: Installing and viewing of Jio TV in Smart TV or Android TV is not legally approved by Reliance Industries Limited as of early 2024.  The content below is for experimental and testing purpose only and is not officially recommended.  Experiment at your own risk. 

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