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Ridaex Smart TVs - Convertible Digital Signage Screens

In today's digital world, Smart TVs serve way more purposes than just watching movies and shows. Ridaex Future TV distinguishes itself in this market thanks to its advanced features and connectivity which allows it to be turned into a digital signage display.

You can achieve this usage on your device by following very simple and easy steps given as further. First you need to install the “Screen Orientation Control” application which is a crucial component for transforming your Smart TV into a flexible information display. Using it, you may easily switch between landscape and portrait mode. It can be downloaded from Play Store for Android TV.

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By utilising this application on your television, you can very conveniently change the screen's orientation to suit your unique requirements. After fixing the orientation as per your liking, you also need to make sure that the ‘auto sleep mode’ on your device is disabled so that the display isn’t turned off automatically. Smart TVs automatically enter sleep mode to conserve energy after a certain amount of inactivity. But when installing digital signs, it's important that the screen functions properly and shows the desired content. 

Ridaex Future TVs can be easily converted to portrait digital signage displays. With just a few taps, the TV screen transforms into a vertical screen, allowing businesses to display their content in a higher contrast ratio. This is especially useful for ads, menus or other content that takes advantage of a vertical layout. Our devices have the ability to adapt to different needs by switching between horizontal and vertical.

Businesses and organisations can save money by using our Future TVs as any type of signage display instead of spending money on signage equipment. Our televisions can accommodate your specific requirements, whether you choose a horizontal panel for a wide perspective or a vertical screen for a more immersive experience.

For businesses to successfully communicate their messages and interact with their audience, digital signage has become a necessary tool. There are countless ways to design an eye-catching digital signage show using a smart TV. You can display images, regardless of the image's type be it portrait or landscape, to suit your own requirements.

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