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Buy Smart TVs in Bangalore with lowest LED Tv Prices and latest features

Here is the cheat sheet to become television expert in minutes.

Different types of televisions in 2023:  Non Smart TVs, Smart TVs, Android TVs, Android AOSP TVs

What are Non Smart TVs?:  These are simple televisions with limited features like Analog, USB & HDMI Inputs only

What are Smart TVs?: These TVs have all features of “Non Smart TVs” + access to limited number of OTT Apps only.

What are Android TVs?: These Android TVs have all feature of “Smart TVs” + more access to application, connectivity and easy to control. 

What are Android AOSP TVs?: The Android Open Source Project (AOSP) TVs of 2023 have all the functionality of "Android TVs" plus unrestricted access to apps from the Google Play Store, including OTT, video conferencing, e-learning, development and gaming. As well, have streamlined controls with improvised online security features. While the LED TV Prices are slightly higher than that of a standard Android TV. Android AOSP takes a bigger leap by having Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity features.

What is a pixel?: Pixel is smallest component of a display panel, Lakhs together of pixels make on display panel. One can observe pixel when you have close glance at the panel. 

What is LCD Panel?: LCD means Liquid Crystal Display. On a flat glass panel, a layer of Liquid Crystal is sandwitched and are divided into lakhs for pixels, this forms a panel.  Most of the display devices in 2023 still use the age old LCD technology with minor improvisations. 

Different types of TVs based on Display Panels in 2023: LCD - VA, LCD - IPS, LCD - QLED TV, OLED

What are LCD - VA display panels?:  VA means Vertically Alligned, The Pixels in VA panels are vertically alligned. This makes the panel manufacturing easier and less expensive. But VA Panels greatly reduce the picture viewing angle resulting moderate picture quality.

What are LCD - IPS display panels?: IPS means “In Plane Switching”, The pixels in IPS Panels are aligned on a plane in a manner that light is seen through wider area which increased the over all viewing area upto 178 degree viewing angle. The cost of manufacturing is slightly higher and provides an impressive picture viewing experience. 

What are LCD - QLED display panels? :  QLED Means “Quntatum Dot Light Emitting Diode”. In fact QLED is not a display panel, An expensive light Quantum Diffuser sheet is used right below the IPS Display panel to let more white light pass through the panel instead of shady blue light.  This QLED increases the colour depth, vibrance and wide viewing angle of the image providing the ultimatum experience. 

What are OLED display panels?:  OLED means Organic Light Emitting Diode,  In OLED display every pixel of the panel will have its own colour driver and backlight, deciding the pixel colour.  The OLED display have most accurate colour closer to the human eye and picture presentation is closely realistic. That makes OLED more brighter and expensive.

What is resolution?:  The resolution of any display device is defined as, The number of pixels in X - Axis multiplied by the number of pixels in Y - Axis.  Resolution is directly proportional to the picture quality.   The more number of pixels = the greater the resolution = the better the picture. 

What are the different resolutions in LED TVs?

Some of the global standard resolutions are

SD TVs - Standard Definition - 720 x 480 Pixels

HD Ready TVs - High Definition Ready - 1,280 x 720 Pixels

Full HD TVs - Fully High Definition - 1,920 x 1,080 Pixels

UHD 4K TVs  - Ultra High Definition 4K - 3,840 x 2,160 Pixels

UHD 8K TVs - Ultra High Definition 8K - 7680 x 4320 Pixels

What are the different LED TV Prices factors?

  1. Type of Television
  2. Type of Operating System
  3. Type of Display Panel
  4. Display resolution 
  5. Display backlight
  6. Processor, RAM and ROM

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