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Ridaex Home Demo : Future at your doorstep

Sticking to our unwavered commitment towards our customers, we are back with a deal that will help you completely transform your at-home entertainment. We're thrilled to introduce our home demo, which will deliver the entertainment of the future to your door. By setting up a personal demo on their doorstep, Bangalore residents can now fully immerse themselves in the future of home entertainment. We are dedicated to giving you exceptional products and unmatched after-sales support since we are innovation pioneers.

How to book an appointment?

We at Ridaex appreciate the value of simplicity and practicality.

It's very simple to schedule a home demo with us. Call our customer service at 8045681102 or 8088337282, and our representatives will help you book an appointment slot that suits you the best. You can also book our demo through the Ridaex website.

We completely understand the busy schedules of our customers today, and thus have committed towards helping them out in every way possible, by making it as easy and convenient as possible.

What to expect next?

At the time of the appointment, a team from Ridaex will arrive at your home prepared to give you an in-depth and thorough demo of our products.

We believe that using our products is the greatest way to fully realise and appreciate their distinct qualities and capabilities. Prepare to be awed by the stunning graphics, superb audio, and innovative sustainable features of Ridaex Future TVs.

Our professionals will give you an extensive and detailed overview of our products along with a live demonstration on how to operate them for the best experience possible. You will be shown our user-friendly interface, which has smooth interaction with different streaming platforms and special smart features. Experience the splendour and submerge yourself in the world of Ridaex, entertainment of the future.

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Why Home Demos?

At Ridaex, we think that our relationship with clients extends much beyond just making a purchase. Understanding today’s dynamic and busy world, we came up with this program so that people can experience Ridaex’s exclusive benefits whilst saving time. To assure the best experience for you, we also offer unrivalled after-sales service. Our professionals are on hand to address any queries or worries throughout the home demo and on our customer care number. We are dedicated towards giving you information that will help you understand the features and operations of Ridaex Future TV.

How much will it cost?

That’s the best part! At Ridaex, our main aim is to satisfy and impress our customers, and that is why we decided to keep the Home Demos completely FREE OF COST, so that anyone and everyone can try out our products. We want you to enjoy the versatility offered by our forthcoming TVs by experiencing the highest quality and performance possible and thus encourage you to make a choice with the help of our Home Demo Programme. We hope to demonstrate the limitless possibilities our products bring to your home entertainment.

Your entrance to the future of at-home entertainment is just one step away. So go make that booking as soon as possible, to get your very own personalised home demo. We work hard to offer thorough guidance and information to assist you in making a purchasing decision with the aid of our simple booking process and committed team of professionals.

Take part in this thrilling journey with us and embrace home entertainment's future with Ridaex.

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