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The 65 inch TVs 

The 65 inch TVs, primary function is to provide thrills by enhancing the viewing experience of any content, from sports to movies to television shows, and giving the viewer a sense of being in a theater without actually leaving home.

The price of a modern 65 inch TVs that includes all the latest features has dropped significantly. The latest version of Android has a 4K ultra-high-definition screen, a black screen with two speakers, and access to all the best apps available. Both watching movies and playing video games can be enjoyed on the 65-inch screens. People nowadays spend a lot of their time relaxing and watching OTT shows while on vacation. These 65-inch Smart TVs include the usual accessories (static wall mount, two HDMI cables, USB ports, and a voice remote) as well as more.

65 inch QLED TVs:

For an absolutely breathtaking viewing experience, the Quantum Dot 4K powers all-around performance, automatically boosting picture, sound, and more.

Quantum Dot's color spectrum offers a billion different shades of hue.

Our best picture yet is made possible by quantum dot technology. With a color volume of 100%, QLED TV  transforms light into a beautiful color that remains true at all brightness levels.

The ability to fully immerse yourself in the audio experience will be made possible by our virtual top-channel audio in 3D surround sound.

Enjoy an optimised sound in alignment with the installation environment, whether it is on the wall or on the table, providing an optimal sound experience.

Best 65 Inch TVs Under 75000 In India - Ridaex Store

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