Smart TV screen protector glass
  • Smart TV screen protector glass
  • 32 Inch Smart TVs screen guard
  • Ridaex screen gurad for smart tv or android tv
  • screen guard comes with 4mm thickness
  • Ridaex screen guard has blue light filter
  • 95% image clarity through screen glass
  • 2 X High Tension Velcro strip belts

32 Inch Smart TVs Tempered Glass(Screen Guard) - Ridaex Shield


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Ridaex 32 Inch Smart TV tempered glass or screen guard has superior design and finish. This 32 Inch Smart TV screen guard price is the most affordable with 94.6% PICTURE QUALITY retention. 4mm Thickness with minimum LIGHT REFRACTION Comprehensive protection for 32 Inch LED TVs display from PHYSICAL DAMAGES and SCRATCHES.


Ridaex TV shield is nothing but a Tv screen protector. It has been designed in such a way that, it will take your entertainment system to the next level. Ridaex Shield, 32 Inch Smart TV Screen Guard - A comprehensive Tempered Glass for LED TV. This 32 Inch LED TVs Screen Guard price is very affordable and intended to serve specific objectives such as.

1. LED TV Screens, costs close to 90% of the entire television price in any brand. Protecting LED TV Display panels from external physical forces is the primary goal of RIDAEX SHIELD.

2. Liquid cleaning on-screen records 13% of panel damages in 2019, An extra layer of 32 Inch LED TVs Screen Guard on the screen can avoid dust gathering, which indirectly results in less cleaning and fewer SCRATCHES on the display screen.

3. Have you ever had a sleepless night after watching LED TV for a very long time. That is because Blue light emitting out of display devices can suppress the production of melatonin (sleep-inducing hormone). Ridaex SHIELD comes with a Bluelight filter layer that reduces blue light to pass through and reach human eyes.

4. Since the design and production of LED Tv varies from Brand to Brand, It's one of our major objectives to design a Ridaex TV SHIELD that is universally compatible with all LED TV models under specific dimensions. Please refer to product dimensions before purchase.

5. 2 X High Tension Velcro strip belts for perfect Edge to Edge fit and fastening. So, No Loose Ends! 32 Inch LED TVs Screen Guard - Ridaex TV SHIELD is just not the PREMIUM PRODUCT, But an AFFORDABLE PRICE too.

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32 Inch Smart TVs Tempered Glass(Screen Guard) - Ridaex Shield

32 Inch Smart TVs Tempered Glass(Screen Guard) - Ridaex Shield