Best 55 inch TVs to buy under 60000 In India - Ridaex Store

55 inch TVs are the excellent choice for those who want a large screen without sacrificing other features and have limited space for entertainment.

There is no need to get a bigger tv because the 55 inch TVs are just perfect for watching shows and movies in every Indian home. The large size will allow you to fit more people around the TV, and the size also allows you to fit it in a small space. The picture quality is much better than on smaller TVs, so it will be easier to see the details in movies and games.

The 55 inch TVs, these TVs are large enough to make watching your favourite shows and movies a real treat. They have HDR technology, which produces beautiful, crisp images that are authentic to the original, and Ultra HD resolution. These TVs have two HDMI connections, making it simple to connect your cable box, gaming console, or DVD player. These 65-inch TVs include the usual accessories (static wall mount, two HDMI cables, USB ports, and a voice remote) as well as more.

QLED 55 Inch TVs

The backlight of QLED 55-inch TVs is synchronised with the refresh rate, resulting in images that are both sharp and brigh like real life images. In addition, the brightness of these screens is adjustable, making them perfect for any environment according to background requirements. These sets also feature a 3d compatible Ultra HD that has a wide viewing angle, perfect for those who like to share their content with friends.

Our best 55 inch TVs picture yet is made possible by quantum dot technology. With a color volume of 100%.

It has a high-definition screen that is more than 3 million pixels

Best 55 inch TVs to buy under 60000 In India - Ridaex Store

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