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Top Smart TV and LED TV Dealers in Electronic City, Bangalore

Searching for the perfect Smart TV in Electronic City, Bangalore? Well, you've come to the right place.  Smart TVs have transformed the way we view television, providing a multi-purpose platform for entertainment, education, and relaxation. 

But the evolution of Smart TVs did not stop there.  It went way far ahead like one can't even imagine having such an advanced Smart TV at home. 

Have you ever heard of Ridaex Future TVs?

The name, Ridaex might be new to many, but our Ridaex has been making waves with innovative product range known as  Future TVs.  At Ridaex,  we have introduced a line of smart televisions 2020, which we claim to be the future of television technology. If you are based in Electronic City, Bengaluru and considering buying a new television, you might find it worthwhile to take a look at what Ridaex has on offer. 

Ridaex Future TVs: What makes them unique? 

These are not your standard LED TVs. Ridaex Future TVs are high-end smart televisions combining superior technology, user-friendly features, and affordable pricing. Let's delve deeper into their exclusive features with Smart TV & LED TV Dealers In Electronic City

  1. Hardware Upgradable: Hardware upgradable TVs are like LEGO sets for your television. They let you swap out parts inside, such as processors or memory, to make it work better or add new features. This means your TV can stay up-to-date and do more things even as technology advances.
  2. High-Quality Resolution: With their 4K UHD screen, imagine having a cinematic experience right from the comfort of your home.
  3. Android Based Operating System: All Ridaex Future TVs come with an integrated Android AOSP, which is just not limited to entertainment but you can explore all the features of a Mobile Phone and a Computer in your Future TVs
  4. Durability: These TVs are built with a robust metal frame, ensuring a long lifespan and reliable performance.
  5. Energy Efficiency: These TVs are designed to consume less power, contributing to energy conservation and lower electricity bills.

"Ridaex Future TVs are breaking the myths Smart TV technology with their advanced features and affordable pricing. - Shiju Mathew, Project Lead, Infosys Electronic City"

A quick comparison between Ridaex Future TVs and Standard LED TVs 

Let's take a closer look at how Ridaex Future TVs compare with standard Smart TVs in terms of key features. 

FeaturesRidaex Future TVsStandard Smart TVs
Operating System Android AOSP Basic Android
RAM 4 GB DDR4 2.5 GB or Lesser
Storage 32 GB (Expandable up to 128GB) 16 GB or Lesser
Latest Processor Amlogic S905W2  Amlogic S905X
Hardware Upgradability Yes No
Resolution 4K UHD With Imagemagik V3 4K UHD 
Google Play Services Fully Scalable Limited
Webcam Externally Compatible No
Touch Screen Externally Compatible No
Durability Metal Frame Plastic Frame
Energy Efficiency High Lower than Ridaex TVs
Warranty 2 Years On All Components 2 years on motherboards only

To sum up, Ridaex Future TVs promise excellent value, superior viewing experience, and high energy efficiency, making them a compelling choice if you're looking to buy a new television in Electronic City, Bengaluru. So, why wait? It's time to embrace the TV of the future.

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